We invite education professionals working with students and teachers in K-12 learning environments to apply for education impact grants to finance education projects that utilize at least one resource from The 1619 Project to…

  1. Improve the awareness and critical thinking of students and/or educators about the legacies of slavery in the contemporary United States, and the contributions of Black Americans to every aspect of U.S. society
  2. Equip students and/or educators to take action and make change that advances racial justice

We are seeking projects that go beyond the individual classroom level to engage large groups of learners on the school, district, and/or community level. We encourage smaller districts and/or educators working in alternative learning environments to collaborate and apply as a multi-site or multi-organizational project. We hope that this grant program, like our 1619 Education Network before it, will develop a national multidisciplinary community of practice among educators.

Please click here to review the complete grant program details, eligibility criteria, and timeline before applying.

This 12-month, part-time StoryReach U.S. Fellowship will provide journalists with up to $30,000 to pursue their reporting project and innovative engagement activities that expand the reach and impact of their reporting. In addition, the Fellows will have access to data and research support and training with a group of peers that will help strengthen their reporting projects and related engagement activities.

Successful applicants will be expected to join a mandatory 90-minute meeting held every month and to engage with other Fellows in virtual meetings and on the community’s dedicated online platform.

We require the sharing of methodologies, engagement plans, and lessons learned so each reporting project may serve as a blueprint for other newsrooms pursuing similar projects.

Please prepare a detailed description of the reporting project you seek to pursue during your Fellowship, including a robust plan for audience engagement activities.  Please do not propose general themes, but a concrete project that shows pre-reporting on the subject. A compelling, well-researched project proposal with a reporting plan will help you stand out. 

Your plan for audience engagement should include the distribution channels for the reporting and a brief strategy for identifying and reaching audiences (both online and IRL) that need to engage with your project. Your engagement strategies can include community events and exhibits; partnerships with artists; alliances with schools and universities, and more. Be bold! 

Please apply using this form. Deadline: 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, March 18, 2024. We encourage you to include findings from your pre-reporting and submit your application early. We will schedule interviews with finalists on a rolling basis. 

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