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How can The 1619 Project and other underreported stories from the past and present sharpen students’ critical thinking, empathy, and communication skills? How can we integrate the lessons and themes from The 1619 Project into the rich landscape of out-of-school time programs?

In this paid, virtual program, a small cohort of afterschool education professionals will explore these questions in community with other passionate out-of-school time educators, award-winning journalists, and the Pulitzer Center education team.

Educators in the 1619 Afterschool Partnership program will engage in six professional development workshops designed to support them in planning and implementing activities that introduce The 1619 Project and its themes to their students. Educators will be provided with a bank of activities that can be implemented as-is, or adapted for use in their context.

Upon successful completion of the program, Partners will be provided with …

  • A $400 stipend, disbursed in February 2023 upon completion of all program requirements
  • 1619 Afterschool Partner digital badge

Please review the eligibility requirements and program details here. If you have questions, reach out to us at education@pulitzercenter.org.

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