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We invite education professionals working with students and teachers in K-12 learning environments to apply for education impact grants to finance education projects that utilize at least one resource from The 1619 Project to…

  1. Improve the awareness and critical thinking of students and/or educators about the legacies of slavery in the contemporary United States, and the contributions of Black Americans to every aspect of U.S. society
  2. Equip students and/or educators to take action and make change that advances racial justice

We are seeking projects that go beyond the individual classroom level to engage large groups of learners on the school, district, and/or community level. We encourage smaller districts and/or educators working in alternative learning environments to collaborate and apply as a multi-site or multi-organizational project. We hope that this grant program, like our 1619 Education Network before it, will develop a national multidisciplinary community of practice among educators.

Please click here to review the complete grant program details, eligibility criteria, and timeline before applying.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.